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Metal|Financial Capital Platform

bring together elites and pool capital

Financial holding platform subordinate to Yongxinhua Holding Group upholds the philosophy of serving investors and takes investment and M & A as the business orientation. By making skillful use of means like fund, M & A, equity investment, and financial leasing, it integrates the capital with the real economy, and makes innovation in financial model and tool, so as to serve the Group’s multi-industry development and ecosystem construction. As a sector responsible for the Group’s financial and investment work, the financial holding platform, relying on the Group’s strategic deployment and development, is in an effort to cultivate a more sustained and steady-going profit growth point for the Group, and support the Group’s large-scale and internationalized business development.

Subordinate to the Group there are more than 10 subsidiaries, including Yongxin Huayun Culture Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., Yongxinhua Real Estate Co., Ltd., Yongxin Huarui Culture Development Co., Ltd., Gansu Airport Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haiwo Property Co., Ltd., and Taihe Mining Industry Co., Ltd., with business covering domestic and overseas regions like Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Gansu, Fujian, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Japan, France, and Switzerland, etc. (see the Group Profile)

As principal shareholder of two listed banks and private majority shareholder of one financial leasing company, the financial holding platform also owns four fund companies, one financial holding firm, and one assets management company. Aside from that, it is a key shareholder of two companies listed on the A-share market, one real estate and financial company listed on Hong Kong stock market, and one pharmaceutical company listed on Japanese market.

Financial holding platform brings together financial elites from all over the world through market-oriented mechanisms and means like equity and copartner. To date, it has established highly specialized investment management teams respectively in three major areas like mezzanine financing, real estate development, and private equity investment. All team members have obtained master degree or above from domestic and overseas famous higher education schools, as well as amassed a wealth of investment and industry experience. They ever served domestic and overseas well-known financial institutions, industry groups, and law or accounting firms, etc.