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Fire |Intangible Cultural Heritage Big Data Platform

Revitalizing Traditional Culture by force of the Internet

Relying on five thousand years of traditional Chinese culture, Yongxin Huayun Culture Development Co., Ltd. (the Company for short) integrates high-level and all-around intangible cultural heritage resources. As a vital global copartner of the UNESCO in the field of intangible cultural heritage, the Company has entered into cooperative relationship with UNESCO and China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association. Centering on "Intangible Cultural Heritage Big Data Platform" (hereinafter referred to as DIICH or platform), the Company takes advantage of digital technology and network platform to display and spread intangible cultural heritage resources of China and the world, as well as drives innovation and development of traditional culture industry through technical means like Big Data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT). So far, it has created the uniform classification standard for intangible cultural heritage projects, and inheritors and their works, established the only international sign coding system, collected and consolidated 2.2 million items of intangible cultural heritage of multilingual version, and set up the Big Data sharing and analysis platform. As a result, the Company can make prospective forecast and analysis of a variety of businesses, provide precise decision analysis supports for users of different levels, and improve the data sharing and transfer capacity in the field of culture. All in all, the Company will display historical value and artistic charm of intangible cultural heritage in a completely new form, so as to inherit and develop the cultural quintessence of intangible cultural heritage.

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