Life Testmony of Franciscan Capuchin Catholic Priest

by Father Raniero Cantalamessa

Father Raniero Cantalamessa is a Franciscan Capuchin Catholic Priest. This video is an inspiring and informative presentations from the best Catholic evangelist in the world who preached the Gospel to the Pope. His thrilling and true-life adventure is a powerful testimony to God's calling. He narrated how he resisted the calling and struggle with the misunderstanding regarding practices of Charismatic such as Holy laughter, prophesizing, speaking in tongues and being slain in the spirit. Going on life's journey with Jesus Christ, we must look deeply within one to foster a personal loving relationship with Our Lord. He implored and shared how all Christians is called to embrace the vow of obedience. The vow of obedience is an acknowledgment that, "I solemnly admit that I am not entirely in charge of my life. I declare that a Higher Power is truly in charge". Just like Jesus obeyed the will of the father at the last hour. Aren't you and I called to do the same-to do the will of God?

Pope in Santa Marta: Embrace the power of the Holy Spirit


In his Tuesday morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about the power of the Holy Spirit and why prayer is at the very core of this grace.

“Without prayer, there is no place for the Holy Spirit. Ask God to send us this gift: 'Lord, give us the Holy Spirit so that we may discern at all times what we have to do.' This is not always one and the same thing. The message is the same: The Church moves forward, the Church goes ahead with these surprises and with the changes of the Holy Spirit."

It is through the Holy Spirit, he added, that Christians can see the truth. Therefore he encouraged Christians to pray for this grace and to follow what the Spirit asks.

(Source: Vatican Radio)

“The progress of the Church," said Pope Francis, "s the work of the Holy Spirit," which makes us listen to the voice of the Lord. "How can I make sure that voice I hear is the voice of Jesus," asked Pope Francis, "that what I feel I have to do is done by the Holy Spirit?" The answer is by praying:

“Without prayer, there is no place for the Spirit. Ask God to send us this gift: 'Lord, give us the Holy Spirit so that we may discern at all times what we have to do,' which is not always one and the same thing.

The message is the same: the Church goes on, the Church goes ahead with these surprises, with these changes of the Holy Spirit. We must discern, and to discern must pray, we must ask this grace. Barnabas was full of the Holy Spirit and he knew right away. Peter saw it and said, 'But who am I to deny Baptism here?' The Holy Spirit does lead us into error. 'But, Father, why make things so complicated? Let us do things the way we have always done, that way we are safer …'''

"You shall receive power" by Fr. Peter Coughlin

For almost four decades, the Bread of Life Renewal Centre has served the Roman Catholic community
Rev. Dr. Peter B. Coughlin, Editor of The Bread of Life magazine, has a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Graduate Theological Foundation and he continues to serve the renewal of the Church through the Charismatic Gifts and the Ministry of Healing.

"Heart of a Servant" by Bro. Don Quilao

Bro. Don Quilao has been a Catholic Lay Preacher for 31 years. He started preaching at the age of 19. He has been preaching all over the Philippines, Asia, Europe and America. His mission is more on giving Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar, Growth in the Spirit Seminar, Discipleship & Leadership Seminar, Healing Seminar, Speakers' Seminar - Workshop, Spiritual Deepening Talks, Mariology, Catholic Faith, Retreats & Recollections and Community Building Seminar. He is married to Norma Abuyo Quilao (also a preacher and a very religious woman) and graced with 5 religious children.
Charismatic Experiences:
Elected Chairman - Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council, Archdiocese of Toronto, Elected member of the council Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council; Archdiocese of Toronto Elected Chairman, 2nd - Canadian National Charismatic Conference on June 26 - 29, 2009; Regional Coordinator representing Eastern Canada and Member of the Board of Trustees Alliance of the Filipino Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities of North America; 2004 to Present, Head Servant, Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (FCCCPC); Eastern Canada, Assistant Director and Chairman of Education and Formation Ministry of Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission (AFCM) of the Archdiocese of Toronto.
One the Founders and Past Presiding Elder; Disciples of Christ Catholic Charismatic Prayer Community; Speaker - 2011 National Convention, Alliance of Filipino Charismatic Prayer Communities of North America, Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel, E. Rutherford, New Jersey, Speaker - 2010 Regional Conference; Alliance of Filipino Charismatic Prayer Communities of North America, Hilton Hotel, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Speaker - 1997 National Conference; Alliance of Filipino Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities of North America, Regal Constellation Hotel, Toronto, Canada; Past Chairman, Catholic Lay Preachers of the Philippines (CALAPP).Past Head Servant, Joy of the Lord Foundation International.Past Spiritual Adviser, Servants of Christ and Mary Community (Medical City Hospital Manila); Living Bread Prayer Community (RFM Group of Companies Manila); Asian Development Bank Prayer Group Manila; Speaker and Formator of many Catholic Religious Organizations and Prayer Communities; and International Preacher
Corporate Experiences:
2004 to Present Process & Document Control Manager, East Metal Products Ltd.Toronto, Canada. and Engineer by profession and Retired Manager, Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) Philippines

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"The Parable of a Foolish Father" by Bishop Sam Jacobs - Part 1 and 2

Bishop Sam Jacobs was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Lafayette in 1964 where he served as pastor, chaplain, and associate pastor of several parishes there and also in the Diocese of Lake Charles.
He has served as chairman of the National Service Committee for the Charismatic Renewal and diocesan director of Vocations and Seminarians for the Diocese of Lake Charles. Bishop Jacobs was appointed the tenth bishop of Alexandria in 1989 and was installed as the third bishop of Houma-Thibodaux in 2003. He retired in October of 2013 and is now the bishop emeritus of Houma-Thibodaux. He celebrated 50 years of priesthood on June 6, 2014, and marked 25 years of episcopacy on August 24, 2014.

He thoroughly explored God's Mercy, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us. He evangelizes everybody - ALL Sinners and Saints. His presentations gave me a hunger for the Word of God, a hunger that transformed me as He helped me to understand what I was hearing and watching. He brought me into the previous experience, when my wife and the members of the Living for Christ Prayer Community interceded before the Holy Eucharist for my conversion into the world of Catholic Charismatics.
God answered our prayers. I actually asked myself who am I, I'm selfish, always make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to manage. But, the Holy Spirit had certainly transformed me! We've both been serving since but only because the Holy Spirit transformed us and continues to empower us to work in HIS vineyard..
The powerful talk ignited my relationship with the Holy Spirit that broke into my life. As he revealed Jesus to me; at the end of the talk, I was convinced and asked Jesus to be my Saviour and Lord and to live in me.
Sought After

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"Divine Restoration: Becoming Experts in Humanity" by Dr. Josephine Lombardi

Dr. Lombardi has worked as a parish minister, university campus minister, high school chaplaincy leader, teacher educator through O.E.C.T.A., professor of Religious Education, Brock University, retreat facilitator, faith formation consultant, and program coordinator in the Diocese of Hamilton. Presently, she is Associate Professor of Pastoral and Systematic Theology, Professor of Field Education, and Director of Lay Formation for St. Augustine,s Seminary in Scarborough, Ontario. She has done media work in radio and television and has been an advisor to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in the area of doctrine and Catholic-Muslim relations. Her book, On Earth as it is in Heaven, has been featured on CTS and Salt and Light Television.,
More recently, she has been appointed Series Theologian for the new Religious Education curriculum for grades 1 through 8, "Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ" for Catholic School Boards in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Posted here with permission from Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities