Welcome to CCRSC of Canada

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Canada (CCRSC) is the recognized National Service Committee (NSC) for anglophone Canada. This body is a channel of communication between the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) in Rome and the participating regional or provincial service committees that make up the NSC.

CCRSC objectives

Spontaneous gestures of kindness and consideration do much to build faith and unity. Little things mean a lot: a smile, a handwave, a cheery hello, these all show that we care and help others feel loved and appreciated. There are so many ways to show love, care, and compassion; so many ways to be spontaneously obedient to Holy Spirit as He leads us. A quick telephone call, note or card to a family member or friend can brighten their day.
Little things we do spontaneously for someone can be a big thing to those we do them for. Saying, "God bless you." Instead of "Goodbye!" Can mean a lot to someone. When someone shares a problem they are facing, a spontaneous "May I pray with you?" is usually gratefully accepted as is our offer to keep them in prayer.
Our spontaneity will grow as we become more sensitive to Holy Spirit and to situations. Holy Spirit will show us opportunities to reach out. Spontaneously reaching out with kindness will become part of our nature, part of who we are.
Be spontaneously kind by the leading and power of Holy Spirit. Amen, alleluia!

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